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PEP Buddy

PEP Buddy: Breathing Device Bundle (Recommended)

$45.00 Limited-Time Pricing

The two levels of PEP buddy (Level 1 with 4 holes and Level 2 with 3 holes) have different levels of airflow resistance and hence create different levels of back pressures. You may find that a certain Level works better for you. In this PEP Buddy bundle, you receive both levels that allow you to decide what works best for you. 

This selection includes:

• 2 PEP Buddy Devices

• 2 Standard Cases

• 2 Black Lanyards

        Breathing Device Levels

        Most people with COPD find it easy to start with a Level 1 device and then either progress to Level 2 or keep using Level 1.

        People who are new at practicing mindful breathing will find Level 1 device easier to use.

        But for those who already practice mindful breathing, Level 2 device may be better.

        Breathing Device Purchases

        A case and lanyard will be included for each purchase of a breathing device. If you would like to order more lanyards, each additional will be at a price of $2.50 per lanyard. Available colors: Black, Navy Blue, Green, Pink, and Lavender/Purple

        Note: The PEP Buddy Device is currently only available in White. We hope to offer more options in the future.

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        • Device Details

          Light-weight, hands-free, oral positive-expiratory-pressure device

          Made of plastic (food grade, safe to put in mouth)

          • Level 1: Provides positive expiratory pressure in range of 4 -5 cm of H2O

          • Level 2: Provides positive expiratory pressure in range of 7 -8 cm of H2O

          Dishwasher safe

          Can attach to a lanyard

        • Case Details

          Made by PCTG material, non-toxic and no smell, durable and will not crack or break.

          • Size: Approx. 3.15" L x 3.15" W x 0.78" H

          • Color: As shown with PEP Buddy logo

          Light-weight and convenient to carry

          Features a tight locking closure, prevent accidental opening

          Wash with soap and water

        • Lanyard Details

          Neck Strap Lanyard

          • Material: Soft Stretch, Waterproof Silicone

          • Size: TBD

          • Available Colors: Black, Navy Blue, Green, Pink, Lavender/Purple

          Wash with soap and water

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