Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Slower, more controlled breathing helps reduce anxiety and stress. By prolonging exhalation and slowing the breathing and heart rate, PEP Buddy has a calming effect on our heart, mind, and body.   Use PEP Buddy for mindful breathing exercises, anxiety reduction, and relaxation.

The Proven Benefits of PEP Buddy

Slow, focused breathing has beneficial physiological effects on our bodies:

  • Inhibits the Release of Stress Hormones

    Including Cortisol

  • Reduces Blood Pressure

  • Decreases Heart Rate

  • Stimulates the Vagus Nerve

    Essential for Relaxation

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Clinically Proven and Easy to Use

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What the Mindfulness Community is Saying

“I am a huge fan of this device! It helped prolong expiration for me. It forced me to slow down my breathing.”

Exercise Physiologist & Yoga Trainer

“Helps to learn to control breathing, reduce anxiety about not being able to breathe...”

PEP Buddy Study Participant