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PEP Buddy is manufactured in the United States in an ISO 13485:2016 registered facility with quality processes in place to ensure compliance.

PEP Buddy is made from food grade plastic resins. 


The two levels of PEP buddy (Level 1 and Level 2) have different levels of airflow resistance and hence create different levels of back pressures. You may find that a certain Level works better for you. Most people with COPD find it easy to start with a Level 1 device and then either progress to Level 2 or keep using Level 1. People who are new at practicing mindful breathing will find Level 1 device easier to use. But for those who already practice mindful breathing, Level 2 device may be better.

PEP stands for “positive expiratory pressure.” PEP is a back pressure when breathing out. You will feel that breathing out through PEP Buddy is slower and may need a little effort – think how you breathe out when making soap bubbles. PEP Buddy prolongs the exhalation phase of the breathing cycle and overall helps reduce the respiratory rate. This back pressure helps keep the small air tubes of the lung open when breathing out; this way, it reduces or prevents air stacking in the lungs of people with COPD. When someone refers to PEP therapy, they are talking about a breathing technique with a slightly active exhalation against an expiratory resistance.

In those with COPD, PEP acts as a “pneumatic stent” to maintain airway patency during exhalation and prevent dynamic hyperinflation. Approximately 80% of individuals with COPD experience air-stacking known as ‘dynamic hyperinflation’ during exertion and day-to-day activities. Hyperinflation puts the respiratory muscles and diaphragm at a mechanical disadvantage and stretches them; these muscles don’t like to be stretched which leads to the sensation of breathlessness and feeling of discomfort by individuals with COPD. PEP helps reduce the expiratory collapse of small air tubes and decreases air trapping, thereby, reducing the feeling of shortness of breath.

PEP Buddy generates a slight resistance to exhalation that creates a positive expiratory pressure, slows breathing rates, and prolongs exhalation. It also provides a point of focus for mindfulness breathing. Such breathing helps reduce the level of stress-hormones, decreases heart rate, and lowers blood pressure.


Controlled breathing with prolonged exhalation is an essential component of mindfulness practices. With PEP Buddy, conscious, controlled, and regulated breathing is much simpler and more attainable.


PEP Buddy is portable and can be used anytime, anywhere making it a great solution for those with breathing concerns.


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You may wash PEP Buddy with soap and water or place it in your dishwasher. Depending on your frequency of use, you may wash it after each day of use.

Refer to the section of “How to Use PEP Buddy for COPD” and “How to Use PEP Buddy for Stress Relief & Mindful Breathing” on the "How It Works" page.