How PEP Buddy works and what people are saying…

How PEP Buddy works and what people are saying…

PEP Buddy is a new type of positive expiratory pressure device that is used by holding in your mouth like a whistle. It is light-weight, hands-free, and washable so you can use it throughout the day - during activities and while resting.

It can be used to improve breathlessness during and after activities, and to practice mindful breathing and reduce stress. 

PEP buddy works in 4 ways:

  • It gives a gentle back pressure when you are exhaling (positive expiratory pressure). This pressure keeps the floppy air tubes of the lung from collapsing so you can breathe out more of the stale air trapped inside your lungs.
  • It slows down the breathing rate.
  • It prolongs the exhalation time.
  • It gives you a point of focus to concentrate on while breathing.

Clinical research has shown that PEP Buddy improves shortness of breath and quality of life in most people with COPD (72%). For some, it also improves oxygen levels during activities (36%).

It’s especially interesting that people find PEP buddy useful in a variety of ways during their daily routine. Here’s what they’re saying…


General benefits:

“This little device has made a big difference in my life. The breathing improves quickly after a few breaths. Definitely worth a try.

“PEP Buddy is worth the price and much more for me. I wear it under my shirt, pull it out and use it while driving or just sitting at the computer or watching TV. I really like the small size. Always available for when you really need it. YES, It does help with removing mucus..”

“This little device is easy to use, fairly inobtrusive, and works!! It's hands-free, so I can continue to use both hands to do whatever I'm doing. It works better than regular pursed lip breathing because there's more resistance when I blow out. I highly recommend it.”

“My issue is air trapping. I use it in many situations: first thing in the morning as my body adjusts from a lying down position to being upright; prior to using an inhaler; before and during exercise: walking, playing tennis, doing yoga, and meditation. As my activity level increases, the device helps me to expel trapped air and breathe using the diaphragm, getting a fuller and deeper breath. It is better than just pursed lip breathing alone. I can play longer points in tennis and it helps with recovery between points. I can breathe more deeply when I use it while doing yoga and meditating. If I find myself short of breath as I go about my day or breathing shallowly, taking a moment to breathe using the PEP Buddy helps me to be calmer.”

“Gardening is easier, and I am trying to walk the dogs more. My legs don't get tired as quickly. I don't have as many episodes of gasping.”

“As soon as I put it in my mouth, I start feeling better. I have been using it during housework and walking around grocery store.”

“I use it both during exertion and for recovery, and when going up and down stairs. When I am too winded to keep the device in, I  use it for recovery again.”


 Reduced anxiety and stress, and more confidence

“It helps me to slow down and be more mindful of the breath, also helping to relax tense muscles in the neck and shoulders. The better I breathe, the less fatigued I feel over the course of the day. I am very happy with how much of a difference this device has made in my life!”

“Using the Pepbuddy has really helped banish the anxiety due to being short of breath. I’m using the devices as “exercise” equipment.”

“It helps me to calm down. Instead of fixating on not getting enough air, I focus on keeping the device in my mouth. It distracts me from stress.”


Breathing re-training (learning better breathing)

“PEP Buddy has retrained me how to breathe correctly, in through the nose and out through the mouth. It’s a proper breathing technique and is simple to use.”

“It gives a better breathing rhythm and helps me with deeper breathing and exhaling.”

“My biggest positive about the device is that it retrained me how to breathe properly in a more comfortable way while being active. I have never been able to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth before.”

“It’s like pursed-lip breathing, but better and easier.”


Using PEP buddy before activities

“I use it when I knew a stressful situation was coming, like carrying heavy loads and stairs.”

“When I go to grocery store, I put the device in my mouth in the car for the walk in, I keep it in for about 10 minutes of my shopping trip, and then I can complete the rest of my trip without it.”


Faster recovery after exertion

“It works great! I am so happy with the PEP Buddy, and when I am short of breath, it assists me to return to my normal breathing more rapidly.” 

“I have to move tables and chairs. It would normally take me 15-20 minutes to recover after doing this type of activity. With the use of the device it cut my recovery time by more than half. If I forgot to use it, I noticed slower recovery time”

“I am mostly using the device at work. It really helps me recover quicker. At work I walk for about an hour at a time, picking up garbage, wiping down bathrooms, and taking out trash. When I find myself getting short of breath, the device really helps me recover.” 


Less use of rescue inhalers:

“My wife mentioned that I haven’t seemed to be using my rescue inhaler as much.”

“I went three days without needing my emergency inhaler for shortness of breath. I think this is because of the device.”