A Small Device with Big Impact

In the team’s most recent research, the impact of PEP Buddy was studied in people with COPD during activity and during daily life.

  • Almost 4 in 5 (72%) people showed meaningful improvement in their shortness of breath, and they also had improved quality of life due to better control of their breathing. 

  • Among people who had a drop in their oxygen levels when they were walking, PEP Buddy prevented the drop in oxygen in 1 out of 3 people.

  • “We’ve been able to see how PEP Buddy is a small, easy-to-use device that can make a big impact in someone’s life,” says Dr. Zafar.

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Clinically Proven and Easy to Use

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What the COPD Community is Saying

“PEP Buddy has helped to re-train me how to breathe correctly—in through the nose, and out through the mouth. I use it mostly when walking in my yard where I don’t take my oxygen take since it can’t roll through the grass. My lungs feel stronger, I have more energy, and PEP Buddy gets easier to use the more I use it. The device helps to keep me calm and allows me to focus on breathing correctly.”

COPD Patient

“PEP Buddy helps me recovery VERY quickly. My recovery using the device is fabulous. I use it when I know a stressful situation is coming, like carrying heavy loads or the stairs. It’s easy to use.”

COPD Patient

“PEP Buddy has been very helpful. The time it takes me to recovery from an activity like moving tables and chairs has been cut in half. With the use of PEP buddy, I have not felt lightheaded at all. I feel strongly that other should try this since it has helped me so much.”

COPD Patient